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VO2/VCO2: Oxymax

The Columbus Instruments Oxymax Eco System is an indirect open circuit calorimeter designed to measure the metabolic performance of a single subject. The system monitors oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations by volume at the inlet and outlet ports of a chamber, canopy, tent, or mask through which a known flow of air is being forcibly ventilated. The difference in gas concentrations along with flow information is employed to calculate oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, respiratory exchange ratio and heat. All data provided by the Oxymax Eco is corrected to an STP of 0° and 760 mmHg. The system presents data in normalized forms that are user-defined.
The Oxymax Eco can be configured for positive or negative ventilation of a single subject. Flows between 100 mL/Min and 15,000 LPM are supported. The instrument supports all of the facilities of the Oxymax Equal Flow System with the limitation of working with only a single subject. The Oxymax Eco can be upgraded to support multiple subjects and provides a low cost entry into calorimetric measurements while providing the possibility of adding features to meet increasing demand.

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Equations for Energy Expenditure

OxyVal Oxymax Validation Unit

Features / Specifications

Lowest cost open circuit calorimeter
Employs analytical grade gas sensors
Computer control and data collection
Economical System for Single Subject

Oxygen Sensor:
Range: 18.9% to 21.2% Resolution: 0.002% O2
Drift: less than 0.25% O2 / 24 Hours
Range:0-100% Resolution: 0.002% of specified range
Drift: less than 0.06% of specified range per 24 Hours
Carbon Dioxide Sensor:
Range: 0%-0.8% Resolution: 0.002% CO2
Drift: (zero) less than 20 ppm CO2 / Hour
Drift: (span) less than 20 ppm CO2 / Hour.

Ordering Information

7670x Eco-Oxymax Complete System for Single Animal (Specify rats or mice)