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Rotation Counter: Rota-Count-8

Rotational behavior is often used as an index of pharmacological/dopaminergic performance in animals subjected to brain lesions that induce rotational behavior. Rotat-Count-8 is a thirty-two station rotation monitoring system that records full and partial turning motion small laboratory animals. In practice, the subject wears a harness to which a light and flexible tether has been affixed. The tether is secured to a rotary encoder that monitors the angular direction of the subject. The rotary encoder shaft is supported by ball bearings, which require less than five inch-ounces of torque, and is not an obstacle to the subject's normal motion. The rotary encoder resolves each revolution into 100 parts (3.6 degrees). The Rota-Count 8 monitors both clockwise and counter-clockwise turning behavior. Each Rota-Count 8 unit monitors 8 subjects. Up to four Rota-Count 8 units connect together using standard category 5 network/communication patch cables.

The Rota-Count 8 is supplied with Windows 2000/XP software to install on a PC or Laptop computer for collection of experiment data and disk file storage in .CSV format. The software monitors full and partion revolutions. Partial revolutions are defined by the operator and can be set from 15 to 180 degrees in increments of 15 degrees. The operator has the option to enter individual subject comments as well as general experiment comments. The experiment control display provides a view of the running tabulation of rotational scores for each subject during the execution of an experiment. A 'Staggered Start' feature allows the operator to individually initiate data collection from each animal. This capability gives sufficient flexibility that a sole operator may prepare and monitor multiple subjects. A 'Simultaneous Star' is supported if all active subjects require a common starting time.

Features / Specifications

Monitors 1 to 32 subjects
Records full and partial rotations / turns
Rotation sensors support mounting to custom cages.
Windows 95/98/XP program supports simultaneous or staggered start.
Interfaces to PC or Laptop computer via RS-232 serial port.
Results are saved to a .CSV file for export to spreadsheet programs.

Supports up to 32 subjects
Resolves rotational data to 3.6 degrees
Partial Rotation Setting: 15 degree increments
Data Collection: RS-232 to computer

Ordering Information

Rota-Count Rotation Monitor
1342 Rota-Count PC Based Control Unit for 8 Sensors
1346 Rota-Count "Bowl" Cage with Rotation Sensor
1347 Rota-Count "Cylindrical" Cage with Rotation Sensor
(Cylindrical cages are offered as an alternative to the standard bowl type cages.)

Rota-Count "B" with Bowl Cages
1361B-B Rota-Count "B" System for 1 Animal Complete (PC based)
1362B-B Rota-Count "B" System for 2 Animals Complete (PC based)
1364B-B Rota-Count "B" System for 4 Animals Complete (PC based)
1368B-B Rota-Count "B" System for 8 Animals Complete (PC based)
The above systems include items #1342 and #1346.

Rota-Count "C" with Cylindrical Cages
1361B-C Rota-Count "C" System for 1 Animal Complete (PC based)
1362B-C Rota-Count "C" System for 2 Animals Complete (PC based)
1364B-C Rota-Count "C" System for 4 Animals Complete (PC based)
1368B-C Rota-Count "C" System for 8 Animals Complete (PC based)
The above systems include items #1342 and #1347.

Choose a total of 1/2/4 or 8 harnesses from the following
1350-0 Rota-Count Rodent Harness for <150g animal
1350-1 Rota-Count Rodent Harness for 150-250g animal
1350-2 Rota-Count Rodent Harness for 250-350g animal
1350-3 Rota-Count Rodent Harness for 350-500g animal