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Videomex-ONE Windows Software

Includes all the capabilities of the popular DOS based software program in a new user friendly Windows format. Adjustable limits determine classification of motions into Resting, Stereotypic and Ambulatory categories. The duration of each activity is totaled within a user-defined interval and results are presented on the host PC via RS-232 for storage and presentation. The observation area can be sectioned into user-defined "zones" and assigned unique identifiers. Movement into a user-defined zone by the object is detected and the number of visits to each zone is scored by Videomex-ONE. The Videomex-ONE supports up to 62 zones.

The DOS data files from previous versions of the Videomex One software can be directly imported, opened, and viewed through the new Windows software.

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Features / Specifications

High spatial resolution: 256h X 192v
Monitors areas from millimeters to tens of meters
X-Y axis monitoring
Background Masking removes undesirable objects and prevents improper tracking
Provides movement pattern and zone information
Can be calibrated to user-defined units of length
Works with NTSC, PAL & SECAM video

Videomex One Hardware

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