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Multi Device Interface (MDI) Software

The Multi Device Interface (MDI) Software is designed to be a simple multi-channel, multi-device, and multi-parameter data acquisition program designed for Columbus Instruments products. It serves for both experiment configuration and data presentation (spreadsheet and graphically). Instruments typically used with the MDI Software include the Feed Scale, Volumetic Drinking Monitor, and the Opto M3 Activity Monitor; however, simple modification can be made to include others. Data for each instrument includes the following parameters:

Feeding bout; the time of the feeding event and the duration
Mass of food consumed at each bout
Total accumulation of food consumed

Volume of liquid consumed with 20 micro-liter resolution

XY axis Ambulatory beam break counts
XY axis Total counts (all movement; ambulatory and fine movements)
Z axis rearing counts

Features / Specifications

Simultaneous real time measurement of many parameters such as feeding, drinking and activity
Data stored as a common .CSV files for easy importation into most third party data analysis programs

Ordering Information

MDI Software is included with the purchase of compatible instruments.