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    Gas Analysis
    A modular system that allows for measurement of gas concentrations from multiple points (1 to 80)
    An inexpensive, battery-operated gas analyzer. It can simultaneously measure O2, CO2, and CH4 gases evolving from compost or landfill and can measure concentrations of O2, CO2, and CH4 in the range of 1 to 100%
    Gas Blending
    A gas blender that provides a continuous flow of mixed gases from pure gas sources
    Gas Drying
    Reduces the vapor content of gas samples to 1oC. Removal of water vapor from gaseous samples prior to measurement is important to assure accuracy of gas concentration measurment
    A special adaptation of the Columbus Instruments Oxymax Deluxe System with features specific to compost research
    An inexpensive single or dual gas (O2 /CO2) Respirometer, is a table top model which can be powered from a 115/220 V power line or from a car battery
    A highly adaptable general purpose closed circuit respirometer with very high sensitivity