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  • Legacy Products
    The following instruments are no longer in active production. In most cases we have retired these products in favor of newer versions using more modern technology with enhanced capabilities. Some devices have simply lost popularity over time as researchers' needs have changed. We continue to offer support for these instruments; if you require technical support or wish to expand a legacy system, please continue to the product page and submit an information request with pertinent details.

    An interface to Windows compatible computers that provides complete automation of data collection (location / position & activity) from as many as 8 Columbus Instruments Opto-Varimex-3 photocell activity monitors
    Intended for measuring animal activity in multiple animal cages which can be standard plastic molded animal home cages or special large size animal cages up to 1 m x 1 m in size
    Photocell-based activity monitor. It is based on the traditional infrared photocell principle and has since been enhanced with new capabilities
    Columbus Instruments' most economical activity monitor based on the traditional infrared photocell principle
    Incorporates Columbus Instruments' patented capability of separating counts (beam interruptions) associated with ambulatory activity from total activity
    A general purpose multiple animal video tracking system that operates on the principle of contrast for multiple animals
    A general purpose four lane animal exerciser utilizing single belt construction with dividing walls suspended over the tread surface
    Ventilator with a precise and durable constant volume pump (piston and cylinder) that allows a wide range of cylinder sizes suited to rats, rabbits, cats and other animals up to 10kg
    An analgesia meter that utilizes a metal plate which can be heated or cooled for testing an animal's sensitivity to pain resulting from exposure to heat or cold
    Designed to objectively quantify convulsive activity in small laboratory animals
    Measures the mass of food removed from a container that resides on a precision balance as well as information
    Monitors episodes and duration of feeding. A single photocell sensor is affixed to a feeding dispenser in such a fashion as to require IR beam interruption in order to gain access to food
    A computerized non-invasive technique in measuring lung damage in small animals (mice) by monitoring Carbon Monoxide uptake over a short period of time
    A paramagnetic sensor based oxygen analyzer capable of monitoring over the range of 0-100%, with 0.001% stability
    A general purpose physiological data acquisition system for use with laboratory animals
    TF-2 Tail-Flick analgesia/nociceptive monitoring product, featuring temperature measurements.
    Extremely precise automated instruments for accurate delivery of saline, glucose or dye for cardiac output measurement by thermodilution or dye dilution in animals
    A tidal volume computer which can accomodate 1 to 8 animals for precision measurements of Tidal Volume, Respiration Rate, Maximum Expiratory Flow, Inspiration Time, Expiration Time, and Tidal Volume Curve during exposure to toxins and irritants