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Blood Pressure Monitor: BP-2

Blood Pressure Monitor: BP-2
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General Information

The Columbus Instruments BP-2 Blood Pressure Computer is intended for accurate measurements of blood pressure in a variety of animals, from horses to mice, utilizing intravenous or arterial catheters and a blood pressure transducer. It operates as a stand-alone monitor with digital presentation of Systolic, Diastolic pressures and Heart Rate or Mean pressure.

Measurements of Systolic, Diastolic pressures and Heart Rate are continuously displayed and updated with every heart beat. Mean Pressure is computed over 10 heart beats. Heart rate is derived from the blood pressure by the detection of crossings of the instantaneous pressure with Mean Pressure. The BP-2 employs Columbus Instruments Blood Pressure Transducers or any 350 ohm bridge type transducer equipped with an 'Electronics for Medicine' connector. The blood pressure waveform is available as a rear panel output and an analog output proportional to heart rate is available as an extra cost option.

Features / Specifications

Three Displays for Mean, Systolic & Diastolic Pressures
1 mmHg Display Resolution
Display of Heart Rate 20-600 Beats per Minute.

Pressure Range: -10 to +300 mmHg
Pressure Voltage Output: 10 millivolts per mmHg
Heart Rate Range: 0 to 600 Beats per Minute
Heart Rate Voltage Output: 10 millivolts per Beat per Minute (Optional)
Transducer Input: 350 ohm bridge type

Ordering Information

1850 BP-2 Blood Pressure/Heart Rate Computer, 1 channel
1875 Blood Pressure Transducer connecting cable for 1860 & 1870


1851 BP-2 Blood Pressure/Heart Rate Computer HR Analog Output


1860 Blood Pressure Transducer w/o Flush (Disposable/Lab)(each)
1861 Blood Pressure Transducer w/o Flush (Disposable/Lab)(10pcs)
1870 Blood Pressure Transducer w/ Flush (Disposable/Lab)(each)
1871 Blood Pressure Transducer w/ Flush (Disposable/Lab)(10pcs)

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