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Event Recorder Mini Counter

Event Recorder Mini Counter
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General Information

The Mini-Counter provides "count" information interfacing and recording via connection to the RS-232 port of any PC. The included software allows for disk storage and printing of data (events) from as many as eight input connections. The Mini-Counter is most often employed with Columbus Instruments' Opto Varimex Mini IR Beam photocell activity monitor to create an automated, low cost activity monitoring system. It may also be employed for general purpose "count" information monitoring of low speed information: i.e. running wheel activity, lick detection, feeding events, etc.

The Mini-Counter system comprises a four or eight input interface, cabling to the computer and software for data collection, storage, and printing. Inforamtion saved by Mini-Counter is stored in an ASCII format that facilitates incorporation within statistical, spreadsheet, and word processing software.

Features / Specifications

Low cost
Connects to computer via RS-232 (COM port)
Windows Software
4 or 8 channel capability
ASCII data file format
Accepts dry contact or transistor closure as input

2500 Hz Max counting frequency
200 Microsecond Minimum detectable pulse duration
1/4 Monophonic jack connections
RS-232: 2400 baud, 8 data, 2 stop, no parity
50 Kohm input impedance
Accepts relay or open collector transistor closure

Ordering Information

1750-4 Mini-Counter Interface to PC, 4 Channels (MCI-4)
1750-8 Mini-Counter Interface to PC, 8 Channels (MCI-8)

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