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Coronary Heart Disease is the number one killer in the world, and while a great number of tests exist, they don’t always downsize gracefully for mouse models. The Graded Exercise Test (GXT), the gold standard in assessing cardiopulmonary function, is a perfect example of a test that is far more challenging to reproduce in mice. While getting mice to run a treadmill is rather straight forward, accurately and consistently assessing VO2 MAX is not. Measured VO2 peaks that fall short of VO2 MAX or have endless plateaus are common frustrations.

Obtaining quality data means balancing a number of compromises. These compromises span the entire experiment from instrumentation, protocol, and calculations. During this webinar, sponsored by Columbus Instruments, Jennifer Petrosino will discuss her research in the mechanisms that regulate muscle growth and repair and aim to empower researchers with a stable base by pointing out key instrumentation features, an easy to follow protocol, and equations for cardiometabolic phenotyping.