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Actual-Track Video Tracking Software (by Actual Analytics)

Actual-Track Video Tracking Software (by Actual Analytics)
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General Information

*Available for US and Canada only*

ActualTrack™ gives accurate, consistent results with detailed locomotor and zonal statistical output in Microsoft Excel and .CSV formats.

Designed for common behavioral paradigms including: Water Maze, Plus Maze, Open Field, Novel Object and X/Y/O-Maze with easy-to-define zone entry / exit criteria.

Three Point or Centre tracking with simple configuration

Accurate locomotor and zonal statistics with easy setup and flexible zone selection while fully supporting multiple trials in the same video; either side-by-side and/or one after another.

Playback of tracking results as they are generated

Film experiments in any common video format and use our easy-upload screens to line up as many videos as you want and leave the uploads happening in the background.

Detailed results in Microsoft Excel and .csv formats

Results combining all trials in your experiment give detailed locomotor and zonal statistics including: distances; times; zone entries and exits; velocities and latencies in real-world SI units along with the "raw data" for any further analysis. Plus, results are integrated with configurable manual scoring to analyze behavior using a subject's position, giving the most detailed analysis of lab animal behavior available.

Ordering Information

0810-SWL ActualTrack (by ActualAnalytics) License Key
0810-WC ActualTrack compatible USB web camera
0810-HH ActualTrack compatible hand-held stand alone camera

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