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Videomex-ONE Video Tracking System

Videomex-ONE Video Tracking System
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General Information

The Videomex-ONE is a general purpose black and white video tracking system that connects to a PC and operates on the principle of contrast. The object to be tracked is placed against a contrasting background within an observation area. The Videomex-ONE assigns an X-Y coordinate pair to the centroid of the subject. X-Y coordinates are continuously monitored and compared to detect motion. Adjustable limits determine classification of motions into: Resting, Stereotypic and Ambulatory categories. The duration of each activity is totaled within a user-defined interval after raw data is sent to a host PC via RS-232 for storage and presentation. 

The observation area can be sectioned into user-defined "zones" and assigned unique identifiers. Movement into a user-defined zone by the object is detected and the number of visits to each zone is scored by the Videomex-ONE. The Videomex-ONE supports up to 95 zones. 

The Videomex-ONE is provided with an Windows compatible program that performs a combination of the basic two modes of operation described above: tracking and zone monitoring. The Videomex-ONE requires connection to the RS-232 port of a user supplied IBM PC compatible computer for operation.

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Features / Specifications

High spatial resolution: 256h X 192v 
Monitors areas from millimeters to tens of meters 
X-Y axis monitoring 
Background Masking removes undesirable objects and prevents improper tracking 
Provides movement pattern and zone information 
Can be calibrated to user-defined units of length 
Videomex One Software

Temporal Resolution: up to 1/30 second 
System Camera supports standard "C" mount lens 
Connects to PC via RS-232
Supports NTSC, PAL & SECAM video signal standards

Ordering Information

0800-40 Videomex-ONE Complete System
Includes Single Animal Multiple Zone Tracking Software and:
Videomex-ONE Interface for IBM PC/AT computers
Videomex-ONE CCD Camera
Videomex-ONE Monitor

0800-70 Videomex-ONE Complete System Plus Water Maze Software
Includes 0800-40 and:
0800-33 Videomex-ONE Water Maze Monitoring Software
Videomex-ONE Remote Select Switch (included with 0800-33) 

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