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Animal Ventilator CIV 101 DISCONTINUED

Animal Ventilator CIV 101 DISCONTINUED
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General Information

Columbus Instruments Ventilator CIV-101 is a precise respirator that allows a wide range of sizes suited to rats, rabbits, cats and other animals up to 10kg. To achieve the highest possible accuracy, tidal volume is divided into six(6) ranges by using piston/cylinder assemblies (0.5cc, 2.0cc, 5.0cc, 15.0cc and 50.0cc, and 100cc). Each precision glass cylinder is easily interchanged and the associated graphite piston never requires lubrication. Respiration Rate (BPM) is adjustable from 5 to 200 BPM in one BPM increments during operation without interruption of the experiment. CIV-101 will respond within 5 seconds of the request. Unique to CIV-101 is its ability to instantly change respiration rate. CIV-101 supports changing the relationship between inspiration and expiration time (I/E Ratio) during operation in increments of 0.01 over the range .25 to 4.0. The internal processor calculates the required changes in timing without altering the tidal volume or respiration rate settings.

During operation, the cylinder draws a precise volume of room air (or a non-explosive user supplied gas) then delivers it to the subject. The exhaled volume from the subject (returned by the elastic action of the lung) is vented through an exhaust port that may be collected for analysis.

CIV-101 employs a very high torque stepper motor that allows near instantaneous control of piston position and rate. This unique capbility allows stop and start control at any point for 'blur-free' imaging of the subject. Stop/Start control may be initiated by a remote switch or by front panel control.

Features / Specifications

Tidal volume (0.05 - 100cc)adjustable in 0.1cc increments: accommodates a wide range of animals from mice to rabbits
Rate / frequency (5 - 200bpm) is accurate and adjustable in 1bpm increments
Inspiration / Expiration Ratio allows 0.01 increment adjustments over a (4/1 - 1/4) ratio range
Volume, Rate & Ratio parameters are adjustable during experiment without interruption
Pressure monitor (option) adds programmable safety margin, max. pressure w/ analog output
Alarm (included with pressure monitor option) alerts operator when pressure settings are exceeded
Can be used with and MRI using our Non-Magnetic Air Valve

Ordering Information

7950 CIV-101 Animal Ventilator
7950-1 CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Cylinder/Piston (0.05 to 0.5 mL)
7950-2 CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Cylinder/Piston (0.2 to 2.0 mL)
7950-3 CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Cylinder/Piston (0.5 to 5.0 mL)
7950-4 CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Cylinder/Piston (1.5 to 15 mL)
7950-5 CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Cylinder/Piston (5.0 to 50 mL)
7950-6 CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Cylinder/Piston (10 to 100 mL)
7950-AV CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Volume Analog Voltage Output
7950-PS CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Pressure Sensing and Alarm Option
7950-SS CIV-101 Start/Stop at the end of Exp. or Insp. Interval
7950-RS CIV-101 Animal Ventilator RS-232 Option
7950-TC1 CIV-101 Tracheal Cannula for Mice (10 pcs.)
7950-TC2 CIV-101 Tracheal Cannula for Rats (10 pcs.)
7950-TC3 CIV-101 Tracheal Cannula for Rabbits or Cats (10 pcs.)
7950-NMV CIV-101 Animal Ventilator Non-Magnetic Air Valve

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