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Blood Pressure Logger: Datamax

Blood Pressure Logger: Datamax
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General Information

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The Datamax / BPL is a computerized and low cost device for acquisition of physiological waveform data (up to 8 channels). It is especially useful for monitoring blood pressure and heart rate and recording them on an PC. The 8 channels of analog information can be monitored using the customer's own transducers. The device includes an 8 channel universal transducer interface, an A/D card (12 bits) and comprehensive software. The Transducer Interface can be connected directly to all compatible blood pressure "bridge" type transducers. It may also be connected to analog voltage outputs from the customer's own BP amplifiers. Real time analysis of periodic wave forms is performed on all channels. The frequency plus the maximum and minimum of the wave forms is continually calculated, displayed and periodically printed or saved to disk. Snapshots of any waveform can be saved to disk and later retrieved for analysis.

Software allows post-acquisition analysis through the use of a user-directed cursor permitting measurement of time, amplitude, and dp/dt for any point on the wave form. The sampling rate for each channel is adjustable within the range of 10 to 1,000 samples per second. The run time screen shows systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure as well as the heart rate for all channels. The enhanced version of the program allows the user to store snapshots of the wave form to disk. The number of wave forms in the snapshot depends on the sampling rate. If the sampling rate is 500 samples per second, the snapshot will contain the last 4 seconds of the wave form. If the sampling rate is 50 samples per second, the snapshot will contain the last 40 seconds of information for that channel.

Features / Specifications

Display and save wave form "snap-shots" to disk files Monitors up to 8 channels of physiological information 
Calculation of maximum, minimum, mean and cycles/min 
Logging of scalar quantities to disk in periodic intervals 
Moniotrs: Systolic, Diastolic & Mean Pressures

Number of channels: 8 
Transducer excitation voltage: 10 volts 
Sampling rate (Hz): 10, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 
Full-scale differential voltage: + 10, 20, 40, 80 mV

Ordering Information

1880 Datamax Blood Pressure Logger Interface [Clearance Models in Stock]
1890 Datamax BP Transducer w/o Flush (Disposable/Lab)(each)
1891 Datamax BP Transducer w/o Flush (Disposable/Lab)(10pcs)
1895 Datamax BP Transducer w/ Flush (Disposable/Lab)(each)
1896 Datamax BP Transducer w/ Flush (Disposable/Lab)(10pcs)
1899 Datamax BP Transducer connecting cable for 1890 & 1895 

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