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Compost Respirometer: Oxymax®-C

Compost Respirometer: Oxymax<sup>&reg;</sup>-C
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General Information

Oxymax-C is a special adaptation of the Columbus Instruments Oxymax Deluxe System with features specific to compost research. The instrument incorporates specially designed air-flow and temperature controllers that provide a composting environment that is under very precise control. Oxymax-C automatically regulates air-flow as a means of controlling temperature of the composting process. 
An Oxymax-C system comprises an isothermal composting reactor designed to accelerate the decay process by optimization of temperature and air flow. Temperature control is implemented by two control mechanisms: air circulation and an insulating water jacket. A temperature probe, placed in the composting mass, serves as feedback to the air flow controller.

The operator selects the desired operating temperature and Oxymax-C regulates the air flow in accordance with the demand of the composting material to maintain the set-point. An additional temperature control system tracks the compost performance and regulates the operating temperature of a water jacket that surrounds the composting reactor. The jacket temperature tracks the compost temperature to maintain an iso-thermal environment. Temperature controlling activities take place while Oxymax-C makes periodic measurements of the respirometric performance of the composting material. 

Oxymax-C can monitor and control up to 16 composting samples concurrently. The system may be purchased without isothermal controls and the accompanying chamber for research that does not warrant precise environmental control.

Features / Specifications

Precise isothermal control of composting sample 
Fully automatic operation 
Supplied with or without composting chamber 
Ideal for modeling compost processes

Compost Reactor Volume: 1.4 cu. ft. (39.3 Liters) 
Compost Reactor Dimensions: 8" diameter x 48" length (20cm x 122cm) 
Temperature Range/Accuracy: 0° to 99° centigrade controlled within ±0.1° C tolerance

Ordering Information

7000-02 Oxymax-C Main Controller, 2 chamber capacity
7000-04 Oxymax-C Main Controller, 4 chamber capacity
7000-08 Oxymax-C Main Controller, 8 chamber capacity
7000-16 Oxymax-C Main Controller, 16 chamber capacity

8520 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (1 LPM
8521 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (5 LPM)
8522 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (10 LPM)
8523 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (20 LPM)
8525 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (50 LPM)
8526 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (100 LPM)
8527 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (200 LPM)
8528 Oxymax-C Air Flow Monitor/Temperature Controller (500 LPM)

8550 Oxymax-C Standard 40 Liter Compost Chamber
8551 Oxymax-C Adiabatic 40 Liter Compost Chamber