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Event Recorder Computer Counter Interface CCI

Event Recorder Computer Counter Interface CCI
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General Information

The Computer Counter Interface (CCI) is a general purpose input device for PC compatible computers that records contact closures, transistor closures, or TTL signals. These three data presentation formats comprise the most common methods of indicating the occurance of an event. An event may be a beam interuption, lick contact with a sipper tube, lever press, or any of the many ways switch-typed sensors are used in behavioral monitoring. The CCI may be configured to monitor as many as 128 channels of input information. Attachment to the computer is via RS-232. Data files are in a .CSV format and can be easily imported into almost any data analysis program. Windows Software included.

Features / Specifications

Up to 128 channel capability
Cintact closure, transistor or TTL input compatible
Automates almost all event recording
.CSV file structure eases data importing
works with almost all instrumentation.

Maximum input count frequency: 5 KHz
Minimum sample interval: 10 seconds
Maximum sample interval: 1.00 hours
Number of channels per cabinet: 4,8, or 16
Input impedance: 100K Kohms
Number of cabinets per system: 8 Max (128 counting channels)

Ordering Information

1730-16MDI 16 Channel Counter Interface Master with CCI Software (CCI-16M)[Clearance Models in Stock]
1730-16EXP 16 Channel Counter Interface Expansion (CCI-16E)[Clearance Models in Stock]