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Incapacitance Tester: Incap

Incapacitance Tester: Incap
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General Information

The new Columbus Instruments Incap incapacitance meter assesses the downward force applied by each hind-limb as it relates to injury or inflammation discomfort. InCap provides two precise force transducers. The subject's hind paw pads are placed onto each of these transducers and a special animal restrainer is provided to promote the proper location of animal pads on the respective force transducers. Once the animal is in place, activation of InCap initiates a measurement cycle during which a number of force measurements are performed and averaged. The period over which these measurements are recorded is under user control; adjustable between 2 to 8 seconds. At the conclusion of the measurement, the resulting data is displayed to a resolution of 0.01 gram-force. If connected to a PC by RS-232, InCap will transmit the numerical results and a data header containing user-defined information about the experiment and animal(s) under test. 

Features / Specifications

Software Included
Foot Switch to trigger "Start" of measurement
Operates in "Stand Alone" mode or via Windows compatible PC (2000 or better)

Sensor Range (mice, rats, and guinea pigs): 1 Kg per transducer. Subject max weight is 1 Kg
Resolution: 0.01 gram-force

Ordering Information

InCap for Mice and Rats
1029 InCapacitance Tester with RS-232 Interface, Software & One Restrainer (choose below) 
1029-S-D54 InCapacitance Tester Small Animal Restrainer (mice)
1029-M InCapacitance Tester Medium Animal Restrainer (small rats)
1029-L InCapacitance Tester Large Animal Restrainer Kit (rats ang guinea pigs) 

InCap for Rabbits
1029-R Incapacitance Tester for Rabbits with RS-232 Interface, Software & Rabbit Holder
1029-XL Incapacitance Tester Rabbit Restrainer 

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