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Large Animal VO2 VCO2 Oxymax® XL

Large Animal VO2 VCO2 Oxymax<sup>&reg;</sup> XL
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General Information

Oxymax-XL is a special version of the Oxymax Deluxe System that has been configured for use with large subjects. Oxymax-XL supports air supply flows from 1000 to 15,000 LPM, making it useful for animals ranging in size from large pigs to horses. Oxymax-XL supports one channel and can be configured for either positive or negative ventilation conditions. Unique to Oxymax-XL is its rapid response. Modifications allow operation at recording rates that make near real-time monitoring possible for subjects undergoing exercise testing. Oxymax-XL systems are custom designed to suit the specific needs of large animal calorimetric research. Masks or chambers are supported. The system has extensive pneumatic filtering to keep debris from fouling the flow measuring devices. All flow meters employed in Oxymax-XL are NIST certified.

In addition to the standard monitoring of O2 and CO2, Oxymax-XL can be equipped with an optional methane (CH4) sensor for making accurate calorimetric assessments on ruminant subjects. Oxymax-XL may also be outfitted with special sensors unique to the intended application.

New Universal Air Dryer Extends the life of your chemical drying agent and prevents the exchange of CO2 between sample and dessicant for more stable RERs.

Equations for Energy Expenditure

Features / Specifications

Large animal capability
Supports mask or chamber environments
Auto-Tracking and correction of errors caused by changes in the testing environment
Simple operation with Experiment Checklist documents proper set-up and execution
User-definable inputs and user-defined parameters

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Ordering Information

7570 Oxymax-XL Single Channel Horse System
7580 Oxymax-XL Methane Sensor (0-1000ppm)

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