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Maze Figure 8

Maze Figure 8
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General Information

Mazes are the traditional tool in assessing learning and memory performance. Using food as the incentive to reach the goal, animals are either required to execute a specific search sequence or minimize time/errors in the quest for a reward. Temporal measurements and error scoring are the key parameters recorded.

Columbus Instruments offers three standard mazes: Radial Arm, Figure-8, and Elevated Plus. All mazes are constructed from stainless steel to facilitate inter-trial cleaning for elimination of odor cues.

Maze floor is made of perforated (0.25" holes on 0.3125" centers) stainless steel. Clear polycarbonate lids allow observation while confining the subject. Each maze can be monitored visually with manual scoring by an attending observer or by video/photocell systems for data collection and analysis. Columbus Instruments offers Videomex (video) and Multi-Varimex (photo-cell) products that automate this process.

Consult Columbus Instruments for other maze configurations. "T", "Y" and other mazes are available as semi-custom products.

Features / Specifications

Stainless steel construction can be autoclaved
Applicable to visual, video and photocell monitoring
Gated entry and exit points
Classic design provides common 'choice.

Ordering Information

0510-1 Figure 8 Maze
0510-2 Figure 8 Maze Central Area Rearing Option
0538 Figure-8 Maze System for 1 Mazes with Photocells

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