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General Information

The OxyVal is an eight-channel gas infuser intended for use as a validation instrument for open circuit calorimeter systems manufactured by Columbus Instruments. The infusion gas is intended to be high purity,100% nitrogen or a primary standard grade mix of 20% carbon dioxide, balance nitrogen. From one to eight cages can be tested at a time using the Columbus Instruments Oxymax software to acquire the gas concentration data.

The gas infusion validation technique relies on mixing highly accurate gas mixtures at known flow rates with ambient air supplied by the calorimeter. For the nitrogen infusion case, the resulting cage gas concentrations will have a reduced oxygen concentration with respect to ambient and a largely unchanged carbon dioxide concentration. For the carbon dioxide mixture case, the oxygen concentration will be reduced and the carbon dioxide concentration will increase yielding validation data for both parameters. Either case will validate the source air input flow accuracy and the leak status of the channel. The carbon dioxide infusion test clearly yields a better validation but at the cost of more expensive and sometimes difficult to acquire primary standard gas mixture.

Features / Specifications

Validates VO2, VCO2, DO2, DCO2, and RER
8 channel gas infusion
Adjustable gas infusion flow rate
Active Channel indicators
Calculation spreadsheet tool included.

Ordering Information

7004-8 OxyVal Oxymax 8 Channel CO2/N2 Reference for System Validation

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