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Portable Gas Meter

Portable Gas Meter
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General Information

Our new Portable Gas Meter is an inexpensive, battery-operated gas analyzer. Its size (3" x 8" x 11") makes it easily portable. 

The Portable Gas Meter can simultaneously measure O2, CO2, and CH4 gases evolving from compost or landfill and can measure concentrations of O2, CO2, and CH4 in the range of 0 to 100%; other ranges are available as an option. The Portable Gas Meter is equipped with its own air sampling pump and utilizes an infrared gas analyzer for measuring CO2 and an electrochemical fuel cell for O2 measurements. The life span of the O2 sensor cell is 5 years, while the CO2 sensor will work indefinitely. The gas analyzer's response time is approximately 30 seconds.

The instrument consists of two parts, the O2/CO2/CH4 meter and a rechargeable battery pack with charger. A single charge of the battery pack provides 24 hour operation at 50% pump utilization. Subsequent battery packs may be purchased to insure on-going instrument operation for extended periods. An optional power supply is offered for power line operation.

Ordering Information

8800-1 O2 Portable Gas Meter (O2:0-21%)
8800-2 CO2 Portable Gas Meter (CO2: 100%)
8800-3 O2/CO2 Portable Gas Meter (O2:0-21%, CO2: 100%)
8800-4 O2/CO2/CH4 Portable Gas Meter (O2: 0-21%,CO2: 100%,CH4: 100%)
8800-5 CO2/CH4 Portable Gas Meter (CO2: 100%,CH4: 100%)
8805 Portable Gas Meter Spare re-chargable battery pack
8810 Portable Gas Meter AC Live adapter for 115V or 220 VAC (Other ranges available upon request) 

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