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Thermocouple Thermometer: Iso-Thermex

Thermocouple Thermometer: Iso-Thermex
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General Information

Columbus Instruments' Iso-Thermex is a computer controlled multi-channel thermocouple thermometer. Thermocouple sensors plug into the Iso-Thermex which converts the microvolt levels into a digital signal sent to the control computer via the RS-232 serial communication standard. The Iso-Thermex system supports up to 256 "T"-type thermocouples ("J" & "K"-type thermocouples are optionally supported) and comes calibrated for sensing temperatures over the range of -50° to +50° centigrade. Resolution within the standard range is 0.015° and accuracy is ± 0.1° centigrade. The Iso-Thermex is manufactured with medical grade isolation. The instrument has been hi-pot tested to 2000 VAC and has leakage currents of less than 20 microamperes.

The Iso-Thermex monitors 16 thermocouples. Multiple Iso-Thermex units can be connected together to support up to 256 measurement points via a single RS-232 connection.

Windows software is provided with Iso-Thermex that allows tabular and graphical representation of the recorded temperatures. Experiments may be configured that automate periodic temperature measuring. The recorded information may be stored in a disk file and/or printed on the host computer's printer. Readings may be taken at user-specified intervals at rates as high as 10 readings per second. Additional features of the software include 1-,2- and 3-point calibration and on-screen help.

Features / Specifications

High Accuracy: ± 0.1° C
High Resolution: 0.015° C
Low Leakage: less than 20 µA
Can be configured for 16 to 256 inputs
Medical Grade Isolation: Inputs tested to 2000 VAC

Temperature Range: -50° to + 50° centigrade (-200° to +500° maximum)
Accuracy: ± 0.1° centigrade (standard range)
Resolution: 0.015° centigrade
Available in configurations of 16 to 256 inputs

Ordering Information

3000 Iso-Thermex Interface & Software for PC/AT computer
3004 Iso-Thermex Custom Range (other than -50 to +50) option


3101-TX1 Iso-Thermex OT-1 Oral Human probe
3102-TX2 Iso-Thermex RET-1 Rectal probe for Humans and Rabbits
3103-TX3 Iso-Thermex DSP-1 Disposable Sheath for TX-1 & -2 (1000pcs)
3104-TX4 Iso-Thermex SST-1 Skin Surface probe
3105-TX5 Iso-Thermex SST-2 Skin Surface probe with Handle
3106-TX6 Iso-Thermex ESO-1 Esophageal probe
3107-TX7 Iso-Thermex MT-D Fast Response Surface probe with Handle
3108-TX8 Iso-Thermex RET-2 Rectal probe for Rats
3109-TX9 Iso-Thermex RET-3 Rectal probe for Mice
3110-TX10 Iso-Thermex MT-23/3 Needle Probe(23 ga.), Dia=0.64mm Length=3cm
3111-TX11 Iso-Thermex MT-23/5 Needle Probe(23 ga.), Dia=0.64mm Length=5cm
3112-TX12 Iso-Thermex MT-23/8 Needle Probe(23 ga.), Dia=0.64mm Length=8cm
3113-TX13 Iso-Thermex MT-26/2 Needle Probe(26 ga.), Dia=0.46mm Length=2cm
3114-TX14 Iso-Thermex MT-26/4 Needle Probe(26 ga.), Dia=0.46mm Length=4cm
3115-TX15 Iso-Thermex MT-26/6 Needle Probe(26 ga.), Dia=0.46mm Length=6cm
3116-TX16 Iso-Thermex MT-29/1 Needle Probe(29 ga.), Dia=0.33mm Length=1cm
3117-TX17 Iso-Thermex MT-29/2 Needle Probe(29 ga.), Dia=0.33mm Length=2cm
3118-TX18 Iso-Thermex MT-29/3 Needle Probe(29 ga.), Dia=0.33mm Length=3cm
3119-TX19 Iso-Thermex MT-29/5 Needle Probe(29 ga.), Dia=0.33mm Length=5cm
3120-TX20 Iso-Thermex MT-4 Needle Probe, Similar to MT-29/1 but with Blunt Tip
3121-TX21 Iso-Thermex ICT-4 Microprobe; Dia=0.33mm Length=1.27cm with 12.7cm handle
3122-TX22 Iso-Thermex IT-14 Implantable Probe, Dia=1.27mm
3123-TX23-18 Iso-Thermex IT-18 Implantable Probe, Dia=0.64mm
3123-TX23-21 Iso-Thermex IT-21 Implantable Probe, Dia=0.41mm
3124-TX24 Iso-Thermex IT-1E Fast Response Implantable Probe,D=0.64mm (same as IT-18 with exposed bead)
3129-TX29 Iso-Thermex BT-1 General Purpose Probe for Solids/Liquids, Dia=0.5mm bent @ 90°
3130-TX30 Iso-Thermex HT-1 General Purpose Laboratory Probe
3131-TX31 Iso-Thermex PT-6 Welded Bead Probe, Dia=0.029" (6 pcs)

Extension Cables

3202 Iso-Thermex Probe Extension Cable (2 meter length)
3203 Iso-Thermex Probe Extension Cable (3 meter length)

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