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Treadmill Shock Detector

Treadmill Shock Detector
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General Information

The new Columbus Instruments Treadmill Shock Detection system provides means of monitoring and controlling the shock delivery on any Columbus Instruments treadmill ( Exer - 3/6, Exer - 4 and Modular ). This option can monitor the shock delivery by counting the Number Of Shocks (NOS) received and the Number Of Visits (NOV) made during the experiment. It can also control the shocks delivery by terminating the active shocker if the subject receives maximum number of shocks ( user selectable ) or makes maximum number of visits ( user selectable ).

Optional software for Windows allows collecting information about animal behavior on the shockers by PC.

Click here to obtain a copy [PDF] of the product brochure.

Features / Specifications

Supports up to 8 channels / shocker grids (user selectable).
Displaying the CH Number, CH Status, NOV and NOS for the selected channel in one screen.
Maximum Number of Shocks (NOS) from 1 to 999 (user selectable)
Maximum Number of Visits (NOV) from 1 to 999 (user selectable)
Session (Experiment) Number from 1 to 99 (user selectable)
Two modes of operation: Manual and PC mode.
RS 232 serial communication and the Columbus Instruments TSDWIN program (PC mode only) for full operation through a PC.

Ordering Information

1004SDC Treadmill Rest/Visit Detection Controller and Software
1004SD Treadmill Rest/Visit Detection Per Lane

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