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Vogel Test: Anxiometer 102

Vogel Test: Anxiometer 102
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General Information

The Columbus Instruments Anxiometer-102 is designed to induce anxiety within a subject and monitor the degree of drug effect by the administration of a mild shock after 20 licks on a sipper tube. The shock is delivered through the sipper tube and is maintained for a selectable duration of 0.25 to 2.0 seconds. The intensity of shock is user adjustable. With the onset of the initial shock, Anxiometer-102 begins a three minute testing session during which the total number of licks and shocks (administered with every 20th lick) is recorded on front panel counters. The performance of anti-anxiety drugs can be measured by comparing the drinking behavior of punished drugged rats to the behavior of punished non-drugged rats.

The Anxiometer-102 accounts for misinterpretation of animal actions by accounting for those animals that maintain a hold on the sipper tube while drinking. Grasping the sipper tube would normally prevent the system from accurately assessing the number of licks. The Anxiometer-102 senses prolonged contact with the sipper tube and internally substitutes a seven cycle per second signal that mimics licking behavior. This technique was implemented based on the findings of Collier and Bells who determined the lick behavior of rats.

The Anxiometer-102 may also be employed as a standard drinking monitor. In addition to the front panel indications of performance, the instrument contains connections that allow the collection of data by any of Columbus Instruments general purpose Computer Counter Interface products. These connections facilitate automated data collection. A compete Anxiometer-102 system requires an Anxiometer-102 and a cage with sipper tube and suitably placed conductive grid. Such mechanical designs may be implemented from available materials or purchased from Columbus Instruments.

Features / Specifications

Full Implementation of the 'Vogel' test
Can be used as standard Drinking Monitor.

Sensing Current: less than 1 microampere
Shock Current: user adjustable from 0 to above 1 milliampere

Ordering Information

1250 Anxio-Meter model 102 with High Voltage Shocker
1261R Anxio-Meter model 102 Cage for Rat (size-F)
1261M Anxio-Meter model 102 Cage for Mouse (size-A)
1251 Anxiometer model 102 Economical PC Interface for 4 Stations with Software (GPCmB-8)

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