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Legacy Products

Animal Activity Meter: Auto Track

An interface to Windows compatible computers that provides complete automation of data collection (location / position & activity) from as many as 8 Columbus Instruments Opto-Varimex-3 photocell activity monitors.

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Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Max

Intended for measuring animal activity in multiple animal cages which can be standard plastic molded animal home cages or special large size animal cages up to 1 m x 1 m in size

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Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Varimex-3

Photocell-based activity monitor. It is based on the traditional infrared photocell principle and has since been enhanced with new capabilities

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Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Varimex-Mini

Columbus Instruments' most economical activity monitor based on the traditional infrared photocell principle

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Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Varimex-Minor

Incorporates Columbus Instruments' patented capability of separating counts (beam interruptions) associated with ambulatory activity from total activity

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Animal Activity Meter: Videomex-V

A general purpose multiple animal video tracking system that operates on the principle of contrast for multiple animals

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Animal Treadmill Exer 4 DISCONTINUED

A general purpose four lane animal exerciser utilizing single belt construction with dividing walls suspended over the tread surface.

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Animal Ventilator CIV 101 DISCONTINUED

Ventilator with a precise and durable constant volume pump (piston and cylinder) that allows a wide range of cylinder sizes suited to rats, rabbits, cats and other animals up to 10kg.

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Cold Hot Plate Analgesia Meter DISCONTINUED

An analgesia meter that utilizes a metal plate which can be heated or cooled for testing an animal's sensitivity to pain resulting from exposure to heat or cold.

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Convulsion Meter Convuls 1 DISCONTINUED

Designed to objectively quantify convulsive activity in small laboratory animals.

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