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Acceleration / Velocity Race Track

A runway for the assessment of velocity and acceleration of small animals.

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Actual-HCA™ by Actual Analytics

24/7 recording and analysis of group-housed rodents for individual activity and behaviors.

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Animal Activity Meter: Multi-Varimex

Individual IR beam activity monitor for mazes or home cages.

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Animal Activity Meter: Opto-M4

Modular activity monitor for use with normal home cages with easy integration with other systems for feeding, drinking, and metabolic performance.

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Animal Activity Meter: Opto-Varimex-5 Auto-Track

Automated animal activity meter for measuring locomotor activity, sterotypic movement, vertical movement, time in square, and animal path.

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Animal Treadmill: Exer 3/6

Exer-3/6, currently in its 3rd generation, is a general purpose three (rats) or six (mice) lane animal exerciser utilizing single belt construction with dividing walls suspended over the tread surface.

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Blood Pressure Monitor Non Invasive: NIBP

A non-invasive blood pressure monitor that can monitor systolic, diastolic and mean blood pressure precisely. One to eight rats or mice can be monitored.

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Blood Pressure Monitor: BP-2

Blood pressure computer intended for accurate measurements of blood pressure in a variety of animals, from horses to mice, utilizing intravenous or arterial catheters and a blood pressure transducer

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Cardiac Output Computer Cardiomax III

In addition to measuring cardaic output and the associated parameters, Cardiomax-III can be used to measure, display, and log ECG (EKG) with its own low level amplifier and two (2) blood pressures (DP, MP, SP, dp/dt)

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CLAMS Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System: Oxymax®-CLAMS

Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System allows 24-hour, automated, non-invasive collection of several physiological and behavioral parameters

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