August 16, 2023

New & Improved Contextual Place Preference Box

Our Contextual Place Preference Apparatus (CPP) has been redesigned and improved in a couple of different ways. Our previous design had one side black, the opposite side white, which led to limited modification possibilities. Additionally, our CPP photocell detection hardware and software were made “task specific” and didn’t have the flexibility to be re-purposed for other related tests like the Open Field Test. Our latest design combines all the advantages of our flagship Opto-Varimex Auto-Track activity monitor with a clear CPP box that can be modified with patterns printed from the user’s own printer.

Our main goal with the new box was to make it easier for customers to add whatever patterns or floor textures they want. Over time the test has evolved and a simple black side and a white side began to limit the possibilities. By making the whole box clear polycarbonate we’ve opened the possibility for customers to design any pattern they want and afix it to the outside of the box, facing inward. The floor of the cage comes with three options; stainless steed bars, perforated aluminum, or a smooth, clear polycarbonate floor (which under you can place a pattern instead).

From the perspective of hardware and software, we were able to enhance the tracking capability by employing our Opto-Varimex Auto-Track system as the tracking mechanism. Already a very popular product, the Opto-Varimex Auto-Track is over qualified for the simple tracking needed for the CPP test but its flexibility and economical cost made it a perfect fit.

Existing Opto-Varimex-4 and 5 Auto-Track customers now have an additional application for their systems. Simply swap out the Open Field Cage for the CPP box and draw a new zone map in the software. Thats it!

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