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Modular activity monitor for use with normal home cages with easy integration with other systems for feeding, drinking, and metabolic performance.

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The Columbus Instruments Opto M4 is our latest implementation of our popular multi-channel activity monitor that supports a variety of sensor lengths and configurations (successor to the previous generation's Opto M3). Up to 32 channels are supported providing both ambulatory and total counts for each channel. Communication is via serial RS-422 using the CI Bus protocol (MDI Software). Cabling is simplified by the use of 8 channel hubs that connect to the Opto M4 with 25 pin shielded cables. Sensor cabling uses convenient RJ-45 connectors and sensor power is supplied from the Opto M4 controller over the signal cables so no external power supplies are required. Unique to this system is the ability to re-arrange sensors to change the coverage of each cage. For example, a 20 cage X axis only system can be reconfigured to measure X and Z axes in 10 cages. Additional sensors and brackets can be purchased to expand the number of cages or coverage per cage. The Opto M4 can also be integrated with other CI Bus compatible instruments to incorporates multiple measurement parameters such as feeding mass/bouts, drinking volume, VO2 and VCO2, etc.

Features / Specifications

  • Differentiates between Ambulatory movement vs. Total movement
  • Compact desig
  • Rat Sensor Beam Spacing: 1" (2.54cm); available lengths are 8" (20.32cm), 12" (30.48cm) & 16" (40.64cm)
  • Mouse Sensor Beam Spacing: 0.5" (1.27cm); available lengths are 4" (10.16cm) & 8" (20.32cm)
  • MDI Software compatible
  • Beam Diameter: 0.125" (.32cm)
  • Beam Scan Rate: 160 Hz
  • Power Requirements: 50 Watts (110 VAC, 60 Hz, or 220 VAC, 50 Hz; factory selected)

Sensors can be re-arranged to allow for wider flexibility. A feature unique to Opto M4 system is the ability to re-arrange the sensor sets to cover more cages with fewer axes of measurement, or fewer cages with measurement in more axes per cage.

Ordering Information

  • 0271-8001  Opto-M4  Software Interface Kit
  • 0271-8003  Opto-M4  8-Channel Interface Electronics Kit

Brackets & Home Cage Cradles

  • 0271-5102  Opto Open Field  1 Station (XYZ) Inclusive of Sensors, Brackets, Cables 16 x 16 inch Sensors    
  • 0271-5200  Opto M4 16 x 12 inch  Home Cage 1 Station Arena Inclusive of Brackets and Cables (add sensors  below)    
  • 0271-5201  Opto M4 12 x 8 inch  Home Cage 1 Station Arena Inclusive of Brackets and Cables (add sensors  below)    
  • 0271-5202  Opto M4 8 x 8  inch  Home Cage 1 Station Arena  Inclusive of Brackets and Cables (add sensors below)


  • 0271-8305  Opto 16"  Sensor Pair with 1" Beam Spacing    
  • 0271-8306  Opto 12" Sensor  Pair with 1" Beam Spacing    
  • 0271-8307  Opto 8" Sensor  Pair with 1" Beam Spacing    
  • 0271-8308  Opto 8" Sensor  Pair with 1/2" Beam Spacing    
  • 0271-8309  Opto 4" Sensor  Pair with 1/2" Beam Spacing


Papers coming soon, presently in peer review.


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Environmental Enclosures (Freezer/Incubator for general housing)
Oxymax-CLAMS (metabolic phenotyping)
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Foot Misplacement Apparatus (Ladder Beam Test)
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Hot Plate Analgesia Meter
Opto-M4 (activity meter)
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