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Hot Plate Analgesia Meter


Hot Plate Analgesia Meter

A rapid and efficient instrument for the screening of analgesia levels in small laboratory animals.

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Columbus Instruments' Hot Plate Analgesia Meter is designed for rapid and efficient screening of analgesia levels in small laboratory animals. When placed on the hot surface of the plate, animals will lift their paws and lick them (paw-lick response) due to attainment of pain threshold. The hot plate can provide a constant 55°C surface; low enough to avoid harm to subjects, yet high enough to be uncomfortable. The hot plate unit has a built-in digital thermometer with an accuracy of 0.1°C and a timer with an accuracy of 0.1 second. A remote foot-switch completely controls the test sequence for rapid hands-free screening. A standard RS-232 serial port can be connected to any personal computer to save data directly in disk files. The RS-232 output comes complete with serial cable and software for Windows compatible computers.

The animal is placed on the hot plate, confined by a clear acrylic cage which surrounds the plate. The Start/Stop button, or foot-switch is pushed to activate the timer. Time is displayed in tenths of a second until the experimenter observes temperature discomfort (paw-lick response) and pushes the Start/Stop button or foot-switch to deactivate the timer. The timer reading can then be recorded manually from the front panel display or sent through the RS-232 serial port to an external computer for disk storage.

Features / Specifications

  • Surface Temperature Range: 30°C to 79.9°C precisely controlled to within 0.25°C across the plate
  • Built-in Digital Thermometer
  • Built-in Digital Timer
  • RS-232 transfer of data
  • Start/Stop foot switch control
  • Extra thick (3/4") anodized aluminum plate provides a very stable and even temperature
  • Size of Heated Surface: 10" x 10" x 0.75" (254mm x 254mm x 19mm)
  • Temperature Range: 30° to 79.9° centigrade
  • Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.1°C
  • Surface material: Hard Black Anodized Aluminum
  • Accuracy of Timer: 0.1 seconds

Ordering Information

  • 0134-8000  Analgesia Hot  Plate with Software and Foot Pedal   110V    
  • 0134-8001  Analgesia Hot Plate  with Software and Foot Pedal  220V    
  • 4510-0001  Analgesia Hot Plate Replacemenr Footswitch


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Hot Plate Analgesia Meter